[BHT EXCLUSIVE] International Living’s Incomes Abroad Newsletter January Issue 2016

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] International Living's Incomes Abroad Newsletter - January Issue 2016 - Colombia's New Potential, Nicaragua's Most Popular City, and Bookselling in Asia...

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In this issue we're taking a closer look at Colombia where early-in expats are discovering opportunities all over the country. Paul Reidy runs a hostel in the modern city of Medellin...Erin Donaldson earns as a copywriter from Pereira in the beautiful Coffee Triangle...Laura Molander has turned to agriculture near Armenia.

"I sell to 30 families and three restaurants...and I have no real competition," she says. "If business continues to increase like it has been, I'll be doing very well next year."

And if you're looking for an online income that gives you freedom to roam, meet Sheila Brown who has figured out how to make money from e-commerce, blogging, training, Kindle books, and more. Best of all she lives overseas using a strategy she calls "geo-arbitrage."

"I can live ridiculously well abroad for very little money," she says. "As long as I have online businesses in which I get paid American dollars, I'm able to multiply the buying power of those dollars by choosing to live in countries like Thailand and the Dominican Republic."

Marcus Langdon has found opportunity in Malaysia through his passion for history and books. He now runs a distribution business for authors and sells books online. Discover how he does it in your latest issue.

You'll find out how to fund an overseas venture through crowdfunding...make the most of housesitting to minimize your travel expenses...and why you need to change your mindset to change your life.

It's all in this issue of Incomes Abroad...along with news of how Nicaragua's most popular colonial city is attracting discerning expats and visitors with its cool vibe and how you can tap into its potential.

Plus, we'll show you global opportunities for...

   Getting a visa to set up a business in Paris
   How to profit from good food, fine wine, and great beer in Belize and Panama
   Opportunities for teachers all across Latin America




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