[BHT EXCLUSIVE] International Living’s Incomes Abroad Newsletter December 2016

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] International Living's Incomes Abroad Newsletter - December Issue 2016

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In this issue...

In this month's cover story, we've struck upon a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a low-cost, low-stress business to fund their life in Costa Rica. In it, you'll meet the expats of Costa Rica's growing food truck movement and discover how to keep your start-up costs low and maintain a comfortable work-life balance.

"We were looking for a business that would be simple to maintain and operate. And the mobile aspect was appealing in terms of flexibility and less overhead," said Laurie Beatty, who opened a taco truck with her husband Bryan in the laidback, surf haven of Tamarindo. "A food truck was something we could get up and running quickly and would generate enough income for us to live comfortably."

Read the full report in your December issue of Incomes Abroad, and discover how these expats are taking advantage of their businesses flexibility and mobility.

"I work an average of three private events per month to turn a profit and the rest of my time is mine," says Sean Gallagher, who primarily uses his truck to cater events. "I can go wherever I want, I spend a lot of time surfing, and I have a lot more time to enjoy life. I came from working 14- and 16-hour days at a big restaurant in New York City, so when I came down here, starting a business that would allow me balance was my main focus."

Get the full story and find out if owning a Food Truck in Costa Rica could be your ticket to laidback living overseas.

Also in your issue, we'll be revealing the best place in the world to start your teaching overseas adventure.

"The typical monthly wage for a new teacher, with no experience and no teaching qualifications, starts between $1,750 and $2,000," says English teacher Brooke McCarron. "You'll find higher starting salaries if you look to the Middle East, but with Korea's low cost of living and an attractive benefits package, you'll have more than enough to enjoy a comfortable and fun-filled life."

You can read the full report, and discover how to easily land a teaching job in South Korea, and enjoy bill-free living, right here.

And we'll meet the expats tapping Madrid's international food revolution, profiting serving up some classic U.S.-style dishes, and catering to a growing English-speaking population.

"In the last 10 years, Madrid has changed a lot," says Marianne Isabel Job Alvarez, a California native who runs the Carmencita Bar and La Gringa restaurant in central Madrid. "American and Asian food have become huge trends, and the locals are really excited to try different foods and discover new cultures. We have 50% local clientele and 50% expats. Spaniards like the international vibe in the bar. It's always full on weekdays and absolutely packed on weekends."

Read the full story and find out how to get Spain's self-employment visa in your December issue of Incomes Abroad.

Also in your issue, you'll get a guide to traveling the world rent free, and insider's tips for opening a bar in Cambodia's premier beach town.

Plus, we'll show you global opportunities to...

   Own an expat hangout in Costa Rica's Central Valley for $33,000.

   Earn some extra cash testing games and apps.

   Buy a turnkey hostel in Colombia's coffee triangle.



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