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Every Click You Ever Pay For Lives Or Dies By The Power of Your Landing Page.

If You Spend Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Year on Traffic, Shouldn’t You Invest $1000 and a Few Hours on The One Page That Determines the Fate of All Else?

Saturday - Mar 21, 2015

Dear Marketing Professional:

If you capture the lead, you get LOTS of chances to make the sale.

But your landing page only gets ONE chance.

If your it fails to do its job, put a fork in it. Your precious sale is stillborn before it ever got a chance.

Your landing page is your #1 Single Point of Failure. It impacts your success more than all of the other pages on your website put together.

One landing page with problems could cost you your entire business, or even career.

One great landing page sets you up for millions, tens of millions of dollars of sales in the coming months and years.
If you get this one thing right, you’ll eventually recover from ANY mistake.

If you get your landing page wrong, there is no other way to fix it.
A 4-Second Mistake is Costing You
900 Dollars An Hour

You’ve got FOUR SECONDS to grab your customer’s attention. 4-3-2-1… customer gone.

If you paid $1.00 to get that click and had four seconds to win them over, then you just paid NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR for your prospect’s time!

How much are you paying for a click? Multiply that number by nine hundred and that’s what you’re paying for your prospects’ attention.

Most Planet Perry people are paying five hundred to five thousand dollars an hour for their prospects’ time. Simply based on the cost of clicks, and the Four Second factor.

Gives a whole new meaning to “$1000 per hour work” doesn’t it?

You probably don’t appreciate how much their decision to buy or NOT buy, and their entire perception of you, is cast in those few seconds.

But the kicker is:

They’re not even THINKING yet. Their Lizard Brain is still in charge. But it’s even worse than that, because…

etc ... etc ......



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