100 Days of Growth Sujan Patel & Rob Wormley [PDF]

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100 Days of Growth - Sujan Patel & Rob Wormley [PDF]

100 Days of Growth Proven Ways To Grow Your Business Fast
by Sujan Patel & Rob Wormley

You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through and digest all the blog posts, podcasts, guides, and case studies that exist online about growth hacking—or you could start taking action today. These 100 growth tactics were compiled based on strategies and techniques that Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley have used to help hundreds of clients move the needle and actually grow their businesses.

What you'll get

Actionable Tips

You’ll get access to an exclusive collection of 100 effective growth strategies and techniques that we’ve used to help businesses grow, such as:

   The Surprise First, Ask Second Guest Post Technique
   The Expiring Holiday Offer Hack
   The Lean Homepage A/B Test

Examples of Use

You’ll get to read about examples of real companies and people that have or are currently using these growth strategies to get ahead in their industries.
How To Get Started & Additional Resources

You’ll get helpful advice on how to implement each tip, what tools to use, and where you can go if you need more help.



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